I’m dedicating this new page to; you guessed it, books! Books about Jesse James and those associated with him. Below is the list starting with my favorites which in the not too distant future will include more old and new titles:

1) Jesse James – The Smoking Gun
Author: Betty Dorsett Duke
Published Nov 2011
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2) The Truth About Jesse James
Author: Betty Dorsett Duke
Published January 2008
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3) Jesse James Lived & Died in Texas
Author: Betty Dorsett Duke
Published November 1998
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4) Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure
Author: Daniel J. Duke
Published July 9, 2019
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5) The Mysterious Life and Faked Death of Jesse James
Authors: Teresa F. Duke and Daniel J. Duke
Coming June 9, 2020
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6) Branded As Rebels
Author: Joanne C. Eakin & Donald R. Hale
Published 1993
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